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We have decided to make JWET an Open Access journal. Submissions after July 1, 2019 will be considered for publication in Open Access if the submissions are accepted for publication.

Journal's Aims:

JWET is an official journal of the Japan Society on Water Environment (JSWE).
The editorial board of JWET invites original contributions in all aspects concerning sciences, technologies and management of water and environment worldwide. More...It publishes peer-reviewed original research papers and review papers submitted to the electronic review system . JSWE have already begun the electronic publication of the JWET from 2004 through the webpage of J-STAGE (Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator). Issues of JWET are available online to anybody with no limitation. Priority of this journal is to provide our important and valuable information to all people who show interest. Articles are published in PDF format, and anybody can display and print the full articles using the "Adobe Reader".

Journal's Scopes:

Authors are requested to select one of following four sections, under which the submitted manuscript should be reviewed.

1. Environmental analysis
2. Toxicology and health concern
3. Treatment and recycling
4. General subjects in water and environment

Section Section Editor
1. Environmental analysis
  Water and environment survey
  Modeling of water and environment
Univ. of Yamanashi
2. Toxicology and health concern
  Pathogenic or indicator microorganisms and risk assessment
  Hazardous chemicals and waste management
Dr. Michio MURAKAMI,
Osaka Univ.
3. Treatment and recycling
  Treatment of water and resource recovery
  In-situ restoration of contaminated environment
Dr. Taira HIDAKA,
Kyoto Univ.
4. General subjects in water and environment
  Environmental education and training
  Interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary research in water and environment
Dr. Akihiko TERADA,
Tokyo Univ. of Agri. & Technol.