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Abstract (150-200 words, Acknowledgement include) should be submitted to the WET2015 Scientific Committee electronically on this page. To prepare the abstract, please use the abstract template (MS Word(R)). The deadline for the abstract submission is 21st May 2015. If you submit your paper to JWET, the paper should be provided in electronic form through the online submission site http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/jwet, after completion of the abstract submission. The paper must follow the guideline, which is available at http://www.jswe.or.jp/eng/publications/instructions/index.html. The paper submitted to JWET will be subjected to the normal peer-review process. The name of electronic file should consist of the paper ID and first author's family name in capital letters (Paper ID_NAME). The deadline for submission of paper is 25th June 2015. The authors must use the full paper template file to prepare your full paper available on the JWET website http://www.jswe.or.jp/publications/instructions/jwet_sample.doc. You are requested to type your paper onto this template using the fonts, sizes and other formatting instructions given on that.


The WET2015 Scientific Committee will review abstracts and full papers based on their relevance, originality, technical content and significance to a broad audience. Each submission will be reviewed anonymously by at least two independent reviewers. Accepted abstracts will be published in the conference proceedings. Abstracts and papers of a purely commercial nature will be rejected.

Authors must take responsibility for the contents of their manuscript.